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Events 2013
Electrification solaire du dispensaire et ateliers professionnels en construction
Events 2011
Todome Dispensary
Events 2010
World Football Cup , Prada , Poschiavo

Events 2008

Christmas market 2008


Esi has started her her apprenticeship in kitchen management

Adjehoun continues his apprenticeship as carpenter  

Dotse has quite finished as plumber

Afelike has finished as mechanical

Ekon is learning pastry cook


Eric Awounor continues his apprenticeship as mechanical

Mechanic school of Mr. Améganvi



New apprentices


Agriculture with cows



Building of the new field hospital

Meeting with the Freier in Immenstaad , Germany


Events 2007

Christmas market in Chęne-Bourg Geneva


Special sale at Petit-Lancy Fief de chapitre Petit-Lancy

Foundation of the new field hospital at Todomé;

Association Erika Office in Lome Togo

Computer point El Shalom in Lome

The apprentices mechanics

Eric Awounor in precision mechanics

Though the difficulty of fundraising , We continue helping young people to do a good apprenticeship


Events 2006

Meet with the children of the nursery class


Madame Primerose LERCH  with students of the primary school of Agou-Nyogbo



Roland and Sylvia Monnard are visiting the farm of Mr. Aléma

Our apprentice , The Head and Teachers of the mechanic school

Events 2005

Thanks to the assistance of Associaiton Erika, Anenou Celestine obtain her diploma of kitchen -Congratulation.

After three yeas of training our apprentices in electricity are at the end of their efforts crowned by the success. They obtain their diploma and we are proud of them.

End of apprenticeship and handing over diploma- Lomé, December 2005

Events 2003



Togo in november  2003
Meet with the pupils of the CEG of Adamavo for the creation of a library for their school

In spite of the difficult current political situation in Togo and a great impoverishment of the civil population which support serious physical and psychological exactions, we persist on the need for helping the most stripped to give a reason of living and encouraging the will of the young people to build  a new future