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Apprentice in sculpture.


General Education Center
Cost: CHF 96 000
This centre includes:
workshop of general mechanics, a workshop of solar electricity (electronic battery - installation), a workshop of joinery a room of course for the exchanges of information. the Western trainees will be able to exchange knowledge there

Agriculture with cows
Cost : CHF 2500.-
We already trained two young people for the harnessed culture That remains still an agricultural innovation of technique in the villages of Togo. It makes it possible to improve the production and to decrease the tiredness of tilling to the hoe and thus to ensure a long-term viability of the agricultural tradition and to improve the level of subsistence of the rural populations. We need to train other young people the cost includes the purchase of a pair of ox and plough. Your help is very invaluable for us.

Sponsors for the apprentices
Each year we put two young people in training in the trades which they choose themselves. The total assumption of responsibility of an apprentice returns with CHF 30. - Per month the durations of training vary between two and three years. We thank you for sponsoring one of our apprentices.

We choose the young people in the villages of Togo in the rural mediums We give them a good education in the hopethat these young people will bring some little change in their village to improve their standard of living.


Cowes agriculture.


Construction of a new dispensary:  which is really suitable to the need of the whole village estimated cost: CHF 35’000.-

We intend to have our former apprentices in the same workshop and so be able to help other young people to make their apprentices. This project will give to our association in Togo a financial independence. Our new project is the construction of the professional workshops.  Estimated cost :   CHF 40'000.-